AboutTournament Rules

Tournament Rules

1. 1 angler minimum. 5 anglers maximum, plus 2 crew members for cruisers. 3 anglers maximum, plus 1 crew member for pangas and super pangas. Prizes awarded up to 4 anglers per team. Friends may ride along if there is room on the boat, but only registered team members may reel in a fish.

2. $450 (early bird) - $500 (late entry) per team also buys each angler in for the poker tournament.

3. Friday June 21, 7am flare gun start. There are no fishing boundaries. Scales open at 1pm and close at 4pm. All fish will be weighed and logged by a designated weigh-in official. No late weigh-in. Must weigh fish to qualify for prizes. There is a 10 pound minimum to qualify in any category.

4. Only registered team members may reel in the fish. Crew can assist to board the fish, but a team member must maintain control of the rod & reel at all times while boarding.

5. There will be a weigh-in official at the dock until 4pm. If there is a jam at the dock and you are unable to get off the boat, the weigh-in official will wait for you to disembark and weigh your fish. This is the only exception. Your boat must be at the dock by 4pm (not on your way in to the dock).

6. If there are no qualifying Tuna caught, a Dorado will become the grand prize fish category and the second heaviest Dorado will win the Dorado prizes. If there are no qualifying Tuna or Dorado caught, a Wahoo will qualify as the grand prize fish category and the second heaviest Wahoo will win the Dorado prizes. If no qualifying fish are caught the pot will roll over to the 202 Tournament.

7. Optional Side Pots: there will be 85% payout on 2 categories of fish (42.5% Tuna and 42.5% Dorado). There is a 10 lb. weigh-in minimum for each category of fish. If one category is skunked it carries to the second largest fish in the other category. If there is no second largest fish in the other category, the one qualifying fish will take both pots. If both categories do not weigh in a qualifying fish, the side pot money will be returned to those who entered that pot.

8. No tournament boat may interact with any other boat handing or receiving anything. It may be seen as unfair sportsmanship if anybody needs something from another boat. Please contact tournament control for permission.

9. Channel #22 USA will be the tournament channel.

10. In the event of the tie, we will have a coin toss.

11. If Friday fishing is canceled due to weather, Saturday will be the fishing & poker tournament. If Saturday is canceled due to weather, all pots roll over to 2020.

12. This is a friendly event. All teams must maintain good sportmanship between teammates, other teams, staff, and boat crews or you will be dismissed from all tournament events. No refund will be given for dismissal. You may also be banned from participating in future tournaments at the discretion of the tournament directors and hotel executives.

13. If the tournament is canceled because of weather or a natural disaster everything rolls over to the 2020 tournament.

14. By registering for the tournament, you agree to all tournament rules. If you do not follow the rules, you will be disqualified and will lose your entry fees.

15. This event will be photographed and/or videotaped. Fish and Chips Tournament, LLC. may use these photos and/or videos in their print, Web, or social media marketing campaigns. By entering, participants and their guests acknowledge this fact and release Fish and Chips Tournament, LLC. of any and all liability. It is the participant's responsibility to notify their guests of this release.