Step-by-Step Instructions for Booking Your Trip

Sample Expenses
Airfare to Cabo (SJD) ... $400-$700 per person
Round-trip ground transportation from airport to resort ... $53 round-trip per person (based on a group booking of 4 people)
4 Nights at Hotel Palmas de Cortez - 2 Garden Rooms (2 per room) ... $381 per person
Fishing & Poker Tournament registration fee $500 for 4-person team ... $125 per person
Fishing License ... $17 per person
Boat Rental $800 for a deluxe cruiser (split between 4 anglers) ... $200 per person
TOTAL ... ~$1,476 per person (food, drinks, extras, tips, taxes and fees not included)

Highly Recommended Arrival: June 19, 2019 (Wednesday)
Team Captain's Meeting & Kick-off Party: June 20, 2019 (Thursday)
Fishing Tournament: June 21, 2019 (Friday)
Poker Tournament: June 22, 2019 (Saturday)
Recommended Departure: June 23, 2019 (Sunday)

Build Your Team
Your fishing tournament team will consist of 1-5 people (prizes up to 4 people). The number of people on your team is entirely up to you (5 maximum). You will need to rent a boat or bring your own boat if you have one. You can rent through the hotel or if you have other places in mind in the area, you may use them as well. Generally, standard and deluxe cruisers comfortably fit up to 4 team members. Pangas and super pangas are usually for 1-3 anglers. Super deluxe cruisers can usually fit 5-6 people. Cruisers come with a captain and a deckhand. Pangas and super pangas come with a captain who is also your deckhand. The deckhands do all the work when you rent the hotel cruisers. You will need to do much more of the work yourself on the pangas and super pangas. Deckhands on the cruisers will set up the lines, bait the hook, change the lures, hook the fish, gaff the fish, basically everything except for fight the fish. This is your job to do. You can be a beginning angler or a seasoned pro for this tournament. You may also bring your own gear on board and do more of the work if you would like to, but for the beginner or novice angler, the deckhand will help you every step of the way. There are usually people looking to join teams at the Captain's meeting, so if you don't have a team to bring, you should still come and we will help you find a team to join at the Captain's meeting.

Book Hotel
The host hotel is The Hotel Palmas de Cortez. Call them at (877) 777-8862 (
* Book a room - Cabana, Garden, Poolside, King Poolside, Ocean View, King Ocean View, Two Bedroom Condo, One Bedroom Suite, Two Bedroom Suite, Deluxe Master Suite, or Three Bedroom Penthouse from $140-$1000 per night plus taxes and fees. Use offer code: KIR.
* There are two restaurants and a snack bar on site at the resort. There are also many restaurants in town.
* There is a full-service grocery store within walking distance from the resort where you can load up on food and alcohol.

Book Ground
* Transportation to hotel - When you book, the hotel will email you a TT Cabo Del Este transfer van form to fill out and send back. This is the round-trip transportation from the Cabo (SJD) airport to the resort (approximately 1 hour). You may also find a flight into La Paz (LAP). If you fly into La Paz, the hotel also has ground transportation available from there. **This is the recommended way to get to the hotel.

Book Boat
* You must book a boat or have your own boat if you are planning to participate in the fishing tournament. There are 1-5 team members per boat. The hotel has a variety of boat options for you ranging from $375-$1300 per day plus tax. Fishing gear is included on the boat when you rent it.
* There are extra charges for live bait (if available). You purchase this on the day of the tournament from the live bait fishermen on the water.
* Lunch and drinks can be purchased through the hotel for your time on the boat (not mandatory, but highly recommended). If you would like to have the hotel prepare lunch and drinks for your boat, make sure you put in your order with the hotel the night before (for an extra fee)

Super Pangas $375/day + 16% tax (up to 3 people)
Standard Cruiser $590/day + 16% tax (up to 4 people)
Deluxe Cruiser (newer, engine might be more powerful, may be slightly bigger) $690/day + 16% tax (up to 4 people)
Super Deluxe Cruiser (most spacious, newer and most powerful) $790-$1300/day + 16% tax (up to 5-6 people)

For detailed information, visit the Palmas de Cortez website ( to view rooms, boats and other amenities.

Book Airline
Fly into SJD (Los Cabos Mexico International Airport) or LAP (La Paz Airport). You will need to bring your passport!

Register for the Tournament
* The registration fee is $450 (up to a 5 person team) if postmarked on or before January 31. The registration fee pays for the team entry into the fishing tournament and the poker entry for each angler. You may also buy into the poker tournament (if you don't fish the tournament) for a $50 cash entry fee payable in cash at check-in during the Poker Tournament.
* After January 31 (must be received by June 1, otherwise on-site, cash only entry is required) the fee goes to $500.
* Note: trophies and prizes awarded up to four anglers.
* Fill out registration form (download the entry form here) and send with check or money order to:

Fish and Chips Tournament LLC
16126 S. Western Avenue #109
Gardena, CA 90247

International Fishing License
You must purchase an International Fishing License to fish in Mexico. Please ask the hotel front desk where you can purchase your International Fishing License. There are heavy fines levied if you get caught by the Federal Government fishing without your license. Make sure you bring your license on the boat with you whenever you are fishing. If the tournament is the first day you will be fishing, you may also purchase a fishing license at the Captain's meeting on Thursday.

Don't forget to pack:
* Passport
* Cooler(s) and duct tape if you would like to bring fish back. There is a local fish processor who can process, smoke, and/or flash freeze your fish (for a fee). Do not duct tape the cooler until after your cooler is inspected and weighed at the airport.
* Sunglasses
* Beach wear (average temperature is in the mid-upper 80s to low 90s and extremely humid)
* Flip Flops
* Sun tan lotion/Sun block
* Dramamine (for motion sickness)
* Immodium AD

If you forget to bring anything, there are stores within walking distance.

For any other questions you may have please call or email Tricia Saiki at (213) 290-5225 or or call Jason Wood at (714) 962-0242.